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Welcome to the Munster Chess Union website which promotes chess in Munster. These pages will provide access to information about the Munster Chess Leagues, Chess Clubs in Munster and any other information relevant to chess players and clubs in the region.

As well as MCU information we are also happy to publish announcements and reports on behalf of chess clubs in the region.

Munster League Schedule Change for Marcch

The Division 1 and Division 2 matches scheduled for Sunday 11th March have been rescheduled to Saturday 10th March. This change has been at the request of a number of team captains who were concerned that 11th March is Mother's Day and would affect the availability of some team members.

The updated Division 1 schedule is available here. and the Division 2 schedule is here.

Munster Junior Championship 2017 Report

The Munster Junior Championship 2017 was held at the West County Hotel, Ennis on 2nd and 3rd December. It was an open event although the Munster Titles could only be awarded to Munster residents.

There is a report and photos of the event here.

Munster Christmas Blitz Championship

Following Round 5 of the Division 1 League Matches there will be a Munster Chess Christmas Blitz competition. The Blitz will start at 17:00 which gives a one hour break to those playing League Matches. Entry fee is €5 and the competition is open to all players (MCU members and guest players) who are in good standing with the MCU.

Rate of play is 3 minutes plus 2 seconds per move (or 5 minutes for clocks without an increment).

To save time setting up the entries on Sunday could all those entering please email blitz@munsterchessunion.org by Saturday afternoon.

Adare Eliminated from Munster League Division 1

Anyone looking at the Division 1 results to date is likely to find them confusing. This article gives a brief background to what has happened for the benefit of other teams.

About a week or so before the first Division 1 rounds the MCU were informed by last years Adare team captain that they were playing in the European Club Cup in Turkey on 14th October.

It was not possible to change the date or hotel booking at that late stage. Since Division 1 is FIDE rated the dates have to be registered with FIDE several weeks in advance.

The MCU agreed to allow Adare to defer their round 1 and round 2 matches since they were playing in a FIDE event. They also reorganised the Division 1 schedule so that Adare's opponents in the deferred rounds were Ennis and Sarsfield with the agreement of those clubs. Since they are both located in North Munster it was felt that this would make it easier to rearrange the matches.

The MCU also contacted the ICU Ratings Officer to negotiate permission from FIDE to submit the deferred rounds for rating separately. This is not normally allowed by FIDE.

Prior to Rounds 3 and 4 the MCU League Controller tried to contact Adare about organising the deferred matches but did not receive any reply. Neither did Adare contact Sarsfield or Ennis.

Rounds 3 and 4 of Division 1 were played on 26th November. Adare were scheduled to play Charleville at 12:00 noon. Charleville showed up with a full team but Adare didn't appear and didn't contact anyone to indicate that they were not going to play. Again Limerick A had their team available at 5:00pm but no Adare team showed up.

Since Adare have not contacted the MCU they have now been eliminated.

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