AGM Minutes 2013 (ii)


Rule 4 -be amended to include “that at the end of this season 2 teams be relegated with 1 team promoted leaving 7 teams in Division 1 for the 2014/15 season”. This was proposed by Paul Carey and seconded by Simon Lawrence. Paul noted that Division 1 moved from 6 to 8 a number of years ago as Division 2 had collapsed. He felt that the returning to 7 and maybe 6 in future years would return strength to Division 2. Following a robust discussion where the clustering of the 2 sets of 4 teams was discussed in depth, it was agreed to take a vote.

The proposed amendment was defeated.

Rule 6 - sentence 1 “Any player who is not resident in Munster and who plays for another club in a league outside Munster is classified as a Guest Player” be changed to read “Any player who is living in Munster or Connaught may play in the MCU Leagues. This rule to be reviewed if Connaught start their own FIDE rated league.” This was proposed by Paul Carey and seconded by Alan Salsac. Following a full discussion it was put to a vote.

The proposed amendment was carried.

Rule 6 - sentence 2 “Each Club may nominate a maximum of two Guest Players per club on their team panels” be changed to “Each Club may nominate a maximum of two Guest Players per club, one per team” was proposed by Paul Carey, seconded by Frank Noonan. Following a discussion withdrawn and a counter amendment of “Each team may play only one Guest Player per match” was proposed by Alan Salsac and seconded by Paul Carey.

This amendment was put to a vote and carried.

Rule 10 – Add in a new rate of play for games in the second division of 60 minutes plus 30 seconds per move from move 1 or 1.5 hours each. Paul Carey proposed this motion in response to correspondence received from team captains in division 2 and outlined in his league controller’s report.

This was seconded by Simon Lawrence and put to a vote and was defeated.

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