Minute of Munster Chess Union Annual General Meeting 2014

Minute of Munster Chess Union Annual General Meeting held in the Springfort Hall, Mallow on 7th September 2014.


Frank Noonan, Simon Lawrence, Alan Salsac, Ray O'Brien, Eric Salsac, John Keane, Stephen Short, Pat Twomey, Paul Shanahan, Jan Heinrich, Gabriel Mirza, Patrick O'Sullivan, Ludmila Podzimkova, Sean Phillips

Apologies were received from John Cassidy and Gerry Graham.


Just as the AGM got under way John Alfred arrived. The Chairman told John that as he had resigned from the ICU he was no longer a member of the MCU and not entitled to attend. Therefore he was asked to leave by the Chairman who refused to continue the meeting until he did.

John refused and claimed that he was still an ICU member. It was pointed out that he was not listed on the ICU membership list downloaded the previous day. John then claimed that he was still a member as his fees had not been refunded. He was reminded that he had resigned in June by email with no conditions. He was repeatedly asked to leave but refused so the hotel security was called.

During these exchanges it was noted that Gabriel Mirza was recording the meeting and he was asked not to do so. Gabriel initially refused and several members pointed out that they objected to recording and had not given permission for it. At that point Gabriel agreed to stop recording and delete what he had already recorded.

John still refused to leave. Finally he was told the Gardai were being contacted. After a further ten or fifteen minutes he said that he had to leave but would be back. The AGM then resumed after a delay of about thirty minutes.

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  1. Attendance & Start
  2. Chairman's Address
  3. Secretary Report
  4. Officer Reports
  5. Constitutional Motions 1
  6. Constitutional Motions 2
  7. Constitutional Motions 3
  8. Constitutional Motions 4
  9. General Motions 1
  10. General Motions 2
  11. Officer Elections

  12. 2014 Minutes (pdf)
  13. Secretary's Report(pdf)