Munster Chess Union Annual General Meeting 2015

5. That the time control used for Division 2 be the same as Division 1 i.e. 90 minutes for all moves plus 30 seconds per move from move 1.

Proposed By: Alan Salsac. Seconded By: Ray O'Brien.

Motion was passed.

6. Guest players may not play on the top two boards of a team.

Proposed By: Alan Salsac. Seconded By: Ray O'Brien

Motion was passed after discussion.


1. Article 3.5 of the Constitution was passed for one year by the 2014 AGM. I would like to propose that this article be made permanent.

3.5 The Committee will also appoint an individual member of the MCU to act as its delegate to the ICU, and such person will be subject to instruction from the committee in respect of the views to be expressed on its behalf to the ICU.

Proposed By: Ray O'Brien. Seconded By: Alan Salsac.

It was pointed out that this motion and the following motion were in conflict so that if this motion was passed the following motion would not be voted on. The motion was passed by 13 votes for and 3 against.

2. That paragraph 3.5 in the Constitution be changed to allow the MCU Delegate to the ICU to be voted in at the MCU AGM, as follows...

3.5 The MCU Delegate to the ICU shall be elected at the MCU AGM and will have equal voting rights on the MCU Committee along with the other Officers. The delegate will be advised by the MCU on its position with regard to various MCU matters. The Delegate must attend at least 4 ICU meetings and submit a summary to the MCU Committee within 2 weeks of each ICU meeting.

Proposed By: Gabriel Mirza. Seconded By: Brian Farragher.

The motion failed as the previous motion was passed.

Continued ...


  1. Attendance & Start
  2. Officer's Report
  3. League Rule Motions
  4. Constitutional Motions
  5. Emergency Motions & Election

  6. Secretary's Report(pdf)