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Gerry McCarthy R.I.P.

It is with great sadness we note the death of Gerry McCarthy another great stalwart of Munster Chess and CCYMS Chess Club last Sunday Jan 16th 2019.

A brief announcement by Pat Twomey which includes funeral arrangements for Friday Jan 19th. can be found here.

May he rest in Peace.

League Schedule Updated

The schedule for the remaining rounds of the Leagues is now available. The Division 1 schedule after Christmas is here and the Division 2 schedule is here.

GDPR Data Privacy statement

In view of the GDPR data privacy regulations coming into force since last season the MCU has added a short data privacy statement to the website outlining the limited data we collect and process in carrying out the organisation's objectives.

Munster league Update

Full details of the Munster League Draw are now availablle here. The Division 1 schedule up to Christmas is here and the Division 2 schedule is here.

Munster Leagues 2018 / 2019

Division 1

As agreed at the 2017 AGM Division 1 will consist of six teams this year playing in the usual all play all double round format.

The six Division 1 teams are Sarsfield, CCYMS, Cork A, Ennis A, Charleville and Limerick A.

Division 2

Based on last years's results the Division 2 teams this year will be Cork B, Tralee, Limerick B, Dungarvan and Ennis B.

League Schedule

Rounds 1 and 2 of the Munster League for both divisions will be played on Sunday 4th November in the Charleville Park Hotel starting at 12:00.

Rounds 3 and 4 will be played on Saturday 24th November atarting at 12:00. Subsequent rounds will be played after Christmas.

All team captains are requested to confirm their participation with the league controller by 25th October.

League Fees

Ths year's league fees will be €175 for Division 1 and €75 for Division 2 if paid on or before 24th November 2018 as agreed at the AGM.

For any teams not paid by then the fees will be increased by €25 per match date as agreed at the AGM.

2018 League Playoffs

It was agreed last year that Division 1 of the Munster League would be reduced from 8 to 6 teams for the 2028/2019 Season. To determine the final promotion / relegation it was agreed that the teams involved would conduct a playoff to determine which team would fill the final place in Division 1.

The teams involved were Limerick A, Cork B and Tralee. The playoff natches were scheduled for Sunday 16th September for Cork B v Tralee and Limerick A v Cork B with the final match Tralee v Limerick A played on Sunday 23rd September.

The overall result was that Limerick A got the sixth place in Division 1. The match results can be found here

and detailed game by game results are available here.

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