Munster League Division 1 2018/2019

Round 1 Results

Bd Ennis A Rating Result Sarsfield Rating
1 Rory Quinn20900.0-1.0 Paul Walsh2074
2 Thomas Junior Dunne18520.5-0.5 Paul C. Kiely1768
3 Luke Scott18070.5-0.5 Martin O'Grady1759
4 Michael O'Donnell16400.5-0.5 Frank Noonan1729
5 Nick J. Larter16731.0-0.0 Liam O'Brien1628
Ennis A2.5-2.5Sarsfield

Bd CCYMS Rating Result Limerick A Rating
1 Kieran Moynihan20591.0-0.0 Rory Delaney1878
2 Paul O'Donovan17650.0-1.0Denislav ChaudarovN/A
3 D. Gerry McCarthy16860.0-1.0 Paul Carey1698
4 Paul Dowdall15350.5-0.5 Con Kirby1470
5 Tom Myers14121.0-0.0 Ray O'Brien1544
CCYMS2.5-2.5Limerick A

Bd Charleville Rating Result Cork A Rating
1carlos de bunesN/A0.0-1.0Jaroslav ShanelN/A
2 P. J. Rea17410.5-0.5 Piotr Leichert1837
3andy kingN/A0.5-0.5 Sean Murphy1794
4kieran coleN/A0.5-0.5 Simon Lawrence1703
5kevin foleyN/A0.0-1.0 Gerard Condon1490
Charleville1.5-3.5Cork A

Round 2 Results

Bd Sarsfield Rating Result Charleville Rating
1 Paul Walsh20740.0-1.0carlos de bunesN/A
2 Paul C. Kiely17681.0-0.0 P. J. Rea1741
3 Martin O'Grady17591.0-0.0andy kingN/A
4 Frank Noonan17290.5-0.5kieran coleN/A
5 Liam O'Brien16280.0-1.0kevin foleyN/A

Bd Ennis A Rating Result CCYMS Rating
1 Rory Quinn20901.0-0.0 Kieran Moynihan2059
2 Thomas Junior Dunne18520.5-0.5 Paul O'Donovan1765
3 Luke Scott18071.0-0.0 D. Gerry McCarthy1686
4 Nick J. Larter16731.0-0.0 Tom Myers1412
5 John Cassidy16591.0-0.0 Tadhg O'Leary1527
Ennis A4.5-0.5CCYMS

Bd Cork A Rating Result Limerick A Rating
1Jaroslav ShanelN/A0.5-0.5 Rory Delaney1878
2 Piotr Leichert18371.0-0.0Denislav ChaudarovN/A
3 Sean Murphy17940.5-0.5 James Naughton1781
4 Simon Lawrence17030.5-0.5 Paul Carey1698
5 Gerard Condon14900.0-1.0 Con Kirby1470
Cork A2.5-2.5Limerick A

Note: Matches which have only been reported by one team captain are marked with a yellow header.

A red heading indicates that the match has been reported by both captains but there is a mismatch between the reports. Only games which are the same in both reports are listed.

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