Munster League Division 2 2016/2017

Round 1 Results

Bd Charleville Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 P. J. Rea18040.5-0.5 Eamonn Lambden1433
2 Willie Rea16191.0-0.0 Michael G. Basnayake1214
3kieran coleN/A1.0-0.0 John Lucey1103
4vincent o'donnellN/A1.0-0.0 Ivor Gordon933
5 Eugene Barry13140.5-0.5 Patrick O'Mahoney882

Round 2 Results

Bd Dungarvan Rating Result Charleville Rating
1 Eamonn Lambden14330.5-0.5 P. J. Rea1804
2 Michael G. Basnayake12140.0-1.0 Willie Rea1619
3 John Lucey11030.0-1.0kieran coleN/A
4 Ivor Gordon9330.0-1.0 Eugene Barry1314
5 Patrick O'Mahoney8820.0-1.0 Pat Meskell1169

Round 3 Results

Bd Tralee Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1 Paul Shanahan14521.0-0.0Azzizbek ShamsiddinovN/A
2 Gerald Hussey12830.0-1.0 John P. Dunne1398
3 John A. Keane10280.0-1.0James O'SullivanN/A
4Pat FlahertyN/A1.0-0.0 Andrew Ingram950
5David MrurphyN/A0.0-1.0 Dylan Murphy1303
Tralee2.0-3.0Ennis B

Round 4 Results

Bd Ennis B Rating Result Tralee Rating
1Azzizbek ShamsiddinovN/A0.0-1.0 Paul Shanahan1452
2 Gerry Casey14061.0-0.0 Gerald Hussey1283
3James O'SullivanN/A1.0-0.0 John A. Keane1028
4 Andrew Ingram9500.0-1.0Pat FlahertyN/A
5 Dylan Murphy13031.0-0.0David MrurphyN/A
Ennis B3.0-2.0Tralee

Round 5 Results

Bd Tralee Rating Result Charleville Rating
1 Paul Shanahan14520.0-1.0 P. J. Rea1804
2 Patrick O'Sullivan14451.0-0.0 Willie Rea1619
3 Gerald Hussey12830.0-1.0kieran coleN/A
4 John A. Keane10281.0-0.0vincent o'donnellN/A
5Pat FlahertyN/A0.0-1.0kevin foleyN/A

Bd Dungarvan Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1 Eamonn Lambden14330.0-1.0 Aaron Daly1475
2 John Lucey11030.0-1.0 Gerry Casey1406
3 Ivor Gordon9330.0-1.0Azzizbek ShamsiddinovN/A
4 Patrick O'Mahoney8820.0-1.0 Dylan Murphy1303
5 W/ON/A0.0-1.0 Andrew Ingram950
Dungarvan0.0-5.0Ennis B

Round 6 Results

Bd Charleville Rating Result Tralee Rating
1 P. J. Rea18041.0-0.0 Patrick O'Sullivan1445
2kieran coleN/A0.5-0.5 Paul Shanahan1452
3kevin foleyN/A1.0-0.0 John A. Keane1028
4 Willie Rea16190.5-0.5 Gerald Hussey1283
5 Eugene Barry13141.0-0.0Pat FlahertyN/A

Bd Ennis B Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 Gerry Casey14060.0-1.0 Eamonn Lambden1433
2 Aaron Daly14751.0-0.0 Ivor Gordon933
3Azzizbek ShamsiddinovN/A0.0-1.0 John Lucey1103
4 Dylan Murphy13031.0-0.0 Patrick O'Mahoney882
5 Andrew Ingram9501.0-0.0 W/ON/A
Ennis B3.0-2.0Dungarvan

Round 7 Results

Bd Dungarvan Rating Result Tralee Rating
1 Eamonn Lambden14330.5-0.5 Patrick O'Sullivan1445
2 Michael G. Basnayake12141.0-0.0 Paul Shanahan1452
3 John Lucey11030.0-1.0Pat FlahertyN/A
4Pat CollinsN/A0.0-1.0mirko kopicN/A
5 Patrick O'Mahoney8820.0-1.0Ayman OsmanN/A

Bd Ennis B Rating Result Charleville Rating
1 Aaron Daly14750.0-1.0 P. J. Rea1804
2 Gerry Casey14061.0-0.0 Willie Rea1619
3 John P. Dunne13980.5-0.5kieran coleN/A
4Azzizbek ShamsiddinovN/A0.0-1.0kevin foleyN/A
5 Dylan Murphy13031.0-0.0 Pat Meskell1169
Ennis B2.5-2.5Charleville

Round 8 Results

Bd Tralee Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 Patrick O'Sullivan14451.0-0.0 Eamonn Lambden1433
2 Paul Shanahan14521.0-0.0 Michael G. Basnayake1214
3Pat FlahertyN/A0.0-1.0 John Lucey1103
4mirko kopicN/A1.0-0.0Pat CollinsN/A
5Ayman OsmanN/A1.0-0.0 Patrick O'Mahoney882

Bd Charleville Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1 P. J. Rea18040.5-0.5 Aaron Daly1475
2kieran coleN/A1.0-0.0 Gerry Casey1406
3 Willie Rea16191.0-0.0 John P. Dunne1398
4kevin foleyN/A0.5-0.5Azzizbek ShamsiddinovN/A
5 Eugene Barry13140.5-0.5 Dylan Murphy1303
Charleville3.5-1.5Ennis B

Note: Matches which have only been reported by one team captain are marked with a yellow header.

A red heading indicates that the match has been reported by both captains but there is a mismatch between the reports. Only games which are the same in both reports are listed.

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