Munster League Division 2 2018/2019

Round 1 Results

Bd Dungarvan Rating Result Cork B Rating
1Eamonn LambdenN/A1.0-0.0David O'KellyN/A
2 John Lucey10150.5-0.5 Barry Foran1448
3 Ivor Gordon9480.5-0.5Eoghan VaughanN/A
4 Patrick O'Mahoney9081.0-0.0Akshay RanadeN/A
5 W/ON/A0.0-1.0 Peter Doyle1221
Dungarvan3.0-2.0Cork B

Bd Limerick B Rating Result Tralee Rating
1 Phillip Foenander14171.0-0.0 Patrick O'Sullivan1464
2 Stephen Danaher12781.0-0.0 Paul Shanahan1482
3 Tim Dineen12650.0-1.0 John A. Keane978
4 Hari Prasad9880.5-0.5DIETER HochstrateN/A
5 Neal Kirby9251.0-0.0Ayman OsmanN/A
Limerick B3.5-1.5Tralee

Round 2 Results

Bd Cork B Rating Result Limerick B Rating
1 Barry Foran14480.5-0.5 Ray O'Brien1544
2David O'KellyN/A0.5-0.5 Phillip Foenander1417
3Eoghan VaughanN/A0.0-1.0 Stephen Danaher1278
4 Peter Doyle12210.0-1.0 Tim Dineen1265
5Akshay RanadeN/A0.0-1.0 Hari Prasad988
Cork B1.0-4.0Limerick B

Bd Tralee Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 Patrick O'Sullivan14640.5-0.5Eamonn LambdenN/A
2 Paul Shanahan14820.5-0.5 John Lucey1015
3 John A. Keane9781.0-0.0 Ivor Gordon948
4DIETER HochstrateN/A1.0-0.0 Patrick O'Mahoney908
5Ayman OsmanN/A1.0-0.0 W/ON/A

Round 3 Results

Bd Dungarvan Rating Result Limerick B Rating
1Eamonn LambdenN/A0.5-0.5 Desmond Fanning1447
2Michael BasnayakeN/A1.0-0.0 Phillip Foenander1417
3 John Lucey10150.0-1.0 Uwe Walschus1264
4 Cody Coughlan6440.0-1.0 Tim Dineen1265
5 Patrick O'Mahoney9080.0-1.0 Hari Prasad988
Dungarvan1.5-3.5Limerick B

Bd Ennis B Rating Result Tralee Rating
1Paddy QUINLANN/A0.5-0.5 Patrick O'Sullivan1464
2 Azzizbek Shamsiddinov12021.0-0.0 Paul Shanahan1482
3 Chris McGorrian11310.0-1.0DIETER HochstrateN/A
4 James O'Sullivan11390.5-0.5 Gerald Hussey1299
5 Phil Timlin9140.0-1.0 Pat Flaherty1126
Ennis B2.0-3.0Tralee

Round 4 Results

Bd Limerick B Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1 Desmond Fanning14471.0-0.0Paddy QUINLANN/A
2 Phillip Foenander14170.5-0.5 Azzizbek Shamsiddinov1202
3 Uwe Walschus12641.0-0.0 Chris McGorrian1131
4 Tim Dineen12651.0-0.0 James O'Sullivan1139
5 Hari Prasad9881.0-0.0 Phil Timlin914
Limerick B4.5-0.5Ennis B

Bd Tralee Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 Patrick O'Sullivan14640.0-1.0Eamonn LambdenN/A
2 Paul Shanahan14820.5-0.5Michael BasnayakeN/A
3DIETER HochstrateN/A0.0-1.0 John Lucey1015
4 Gerald Hussey12990.5-0.5 Cody Coughlan644
5 Pat Flaherty11261.0-0.0 Patrick O'Mahoney908

Round 5 Results

Bd Tralee Rating Result Cork B Rating
1 Patrick O'Sullivan14640.0-1.0 Len Hackett1708
2 Gerald Hussey12990.0-1.0 Mark R. Watkins1394
3 John A. Keane9780.0-1.0 Peter Doyle1221
4DIETER HochstrateN/A0.0-1.0Sumanth ShindgiN/A
5Ayman OsmanN/A0.0-1.0Akshay RanadeN/A
Tralee0.0-5.0Cork B

Bd Dungarvan Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1Eamonn LambdenN/A1.0-0.0 Aaron Daly1459
2Michael BasnayakeN/A0.0-1.0 John Dunne1337
3 Cody Coughlan6440.0-1.0 Azzizbek Shamsiddinov1202
4 John Lucey10150.0-1.0Lukasz DarosN/A
5 Patrick O'Mahoney9080.0-1.0 James O'Sullivan1139
Dungarvan1.0-4.0Ennis B

Round 6 Results

Bd Tralee Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1 Patrick O'Sullivan14641.0-0.0 Aaron Daly1459
2 Gerald Hussey12991.0-0.0 John Dunne1337
3 John A. Keane9780.0-1.0 Azzizbek Shamsiddinov1202
4DIETER HochstrateN/A0.5-0.5Lukasz DarosN/A
5Ayman OsmanN/A1.0-0.0 James O'Sullivan1139
Tralee3.5-1.5Ennis B

Bd Cork B Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 Len Hackett17081.0-0.0Eamonn LambdenN/A
2 Mark R. Watkins13940.0-1.0Michael BasnayakeN/A
3 Peter Doyle12210.5-0.5 Cody Coughlan644
4Sumanth ShindgiN/A0.0-1.0 John Lucey1015
5Akshay RanadeN/A1.0-0.0 Patrick O'Mahoney908
Cork B2.5-2.5Dungarvan

Round 7 Results

Bd Limerick B Rating Result Cork B Rating
1 Desmond Fanning14470.0-1.0 Michael Bradley1437
2 Phillip Foenander14171.0-0.0Sumanth ShindgiN/A
3 Stephen Danaher12780.0-1.0 Peter Doyle1221
4 Tim Dineen12650.0-1.0Akshay RanadeN/A
5 Hari Prasad9881.0-0.0Arnav DhanaN/A
Limerick B2.0-3.0Cork B

Bd Ennis B Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 Aaron Daly14591.0-0.0Eamonn LambdenN/A
2Lukasz DarosN/A0.0-1.0Michael BasnayakeN/A
3 Chris McGorrian11310.5-0.5 Cody Coughlan644
4 James O'Sullivan11390.5-0.5 John Lucey1015
5 Phil Timlin9141.0-0.0 Patrick O'Mahoney908
Ennis B3.0-2.0Dungarvan

Note: Matches which have only been reported by one team captain are marked with a yellow header.

A red heading indicates that the match has been reported by both captains but there is a mismatch between the reports. Only games which are the same in both reports are listed.

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