Munster League Season 2018/2019 Division 1

Round 1 Results

Bd Ennis A Rating Result Sarsfield Rating
1 Rory Quinn20580.0-1.0 Paul Walsh2001
2 Thomas Junior Dunne18010.5-0.5 Paul C. Kiely1713
3 Luke Scott19740.5-0.5 Martin O'Grady1693
4 Michael O'Donnell16030.5-0.5 Frank Noonan1661
5 Nick J. Larter17191.0-0.0 Liam O'Brien1593
Ennis A2.5-2.5Sarsfield

Bd CCYMS Rating Result Limerick A Rating
1 Kieran Moynihan21151.0-0.0 Rory Delaney1862
2 Paul O'Donovan17510.0-1.0Denislav ChavdarovN/A
3 D. Gerry McCarthy16560.0-1.0 Paul Carey1747
4 Paul Dowdall15010.5-0.5 Con Kirby1803
5 Tom Myers14021.0-0.0 Ray O'Brien1405
CCYMS2.5-2.5Limerick A

Bd Charleville Rating Result Cork A Rating
1carlos de bunesN/A0.0-1.0Jaroslav ShanelN/A
2 P. J. Rea17940.5-0.5 Piotr Leichert1863
3andy kingN/A0.5-0.5 Sean J. Murphy2118
4kieran coleN/A0.5-0.5 Simon Lawrence1688
5kevin foleyN/A0.0-1.0 Gerard Condon1619
Charleville1.5-3.5Cork A

Round 2 Results

Bd Sarsfield Rating Result Charleville Rating
1 Paul Walsh20010.0-1.0carlos de bunesN/A
2 Paul C. Kiely17131.0-0.0 P. J. Rea1794
3 Martin O'Grady16931.0-0.0andy kingN/A
4 Frank Noonan16610.5-0.5kieran coleN/A
5 Liam O'Brien15930.0-1.0kevin foleyN/A

Bd Ennis A Rating Result CCYMS Rating
1 Rory Quinn20581.0-0.0 Kieran Moynihan2115
2 Thomas Junior Dunne18010.5-0.5 Paul O'Donovan1751
3 Luke Scott19741.0-0.0 D. Gerry McCarthy1656
4 Nick J. Larter17191.0-0.0 Tom Myers1402
5 John Cassidy16321.0-0.0 Tadhg O'Leary1544
Ennis A4.5-0.5CCYMS

Bd Cork A Rating Result Limerick A Rating
1Jaroslav ShanelN/A0.5-0.5 Rory Delaney1862
2 Piotr Leichert18631.0-0.0Denislav ChavdarovN/A
3 Sean J. Murphy21180.5-0.5 James Naughton1918
4 Simon Lawrence16880.5-0.5 Paul Carey1747
5 Gerard Condon16190.0-1.0 Con Kirby1803
Cork A2.5-2.5Limerick A

Round 3 Results

Bd Limerick A Rating Result Sarsfield Rating
1Denislav ChavdarovN/A0.0-1.0 Paul Walsh2001
2 Paul Carey17470.0-1.0 Paul C. Kiely1713
3 Con Kirby18030.0-1.0 Martin O'Grady1693
4 Ray O'Brien14050.0-1.0 Liam O'Brien1593
5 Desmond Fanning14190.5-0.5 Frank Noonan1661
Limerick A0.5-4.5Sarsfield

Bd Cork A Rating Result CCYMS Rating
1Jaroslav ShanelN/A0.0-1.0 Kieran Moynihan2115
2 Henk De Jonge18290.5-0.5 Paul O'Donovan1751
3 Sean J. Murphy21181.0-0.0 D. Gerry McCarthy1656
4 Simon Lawrence16880.0-1.0 David Geaney-O'Brien1709
5 Len Hackett15690.0-1.0 Pat Twomey1515
Cork A1.5-3.5CCYMS

Bd Charleville Rating Result Ennis A Rating
1 P. J. Rea17940.0-1.0 Rory Quinn2058
2andy kingN/A1.0-0.0 Nick J. Larter1719
3kevin foleyN/A0.0-1.0 Michael O'Donnell1603
4 Eugene Barry12830.0-1.0 John Cassidy1632
5 David Racz9090.0-1.0 Gerry Casey1370
Charleville1.0-4.0Ennis A

Round 4 Results

Bd Sarsfield Rating Result Cork A Rating
1 Paul Walsh20010.0-1.0Jaroslav ShanelN/A
2 Paul C. Kiely17130.5-0.5 Sean J. Murphy2118
3 Martin O'Grady16930.5-0.5 Simon Lawrence1688
4 Liam O'Brien15930.0-1.0 Len Hackett1569
5 Frank Noonan16611.0-0.0 Mark R. Watkins1380
Sarsfield2.0-3.0Cork A

Bd CCYMS Rating Result Charleville Rating
1 Kieran Moynihan21151.0-0.0andy kingN/A
2 D. Gerry McCarthy16560.5-0.5kevin foleyN/A
3 David Geaney-O'Brien17091.0-0.0 Eugene Barry1283
4 Paul Dowdall15011.0-0.0 Pat Meskell1151
5 Tom Myers14021.0-0.0 David Racz909

Bd Limerick A Rating Result Ennis A Rating
1Denislav ChavdarovN/A0.0-1.0 Rory Quinn2058
2 James Naughton19180.5-0.5 Nick J. Larter1719
3 Paul Carey17470.5-0.5 John Cassidy1632
4 Con Kirby18030.0-1.0 Michael O'Donnell1603
5 Ray O'Brien14050.0-1.0 Gerry Casey1370
Limerick A1.0-4.0Ennis A

Round 5 Results

Bd CCYMS Rating Result Sarsfield Rating
1 Kieran Moynihan21151.0-0.0 Paul Walsh2001
2 Paul O'Donovan17510.5-0.5 Paul C. Kiely1713
3 David Geaney-O'Brien17091.0-0.0 Frank Noonan1661
4 Paul Dowdall15010.0-1.0 Liam O'Brien1593
5 Tom Myers14020.0-1.0Dan ClancyN/A

Bd Ennis A Rating Result Cork A Rating
1 Rory Quinn20580.0-1.0Jaroslav ShanelN/A
2 Thomas Junior Dunne18010.5-0.5 Hugh Doyle2082
3 Luke Scott19740.0-1.0 Henk De Jonge1829
4 Nick J. Larter17190.5-0.5 Piotr Leichert1863
5 John Cassidy16320.5-0.5 Simon Lawrence1688
Ennis A1.5-3.5Cork A

Bd Limerick A Rating Result Charleville Rating
1 Rory Delaney18620.0-1.0carlos de bunesN/A
2 Kevin O'Flaherty17830.5-0.5 P. J. Rea1794
3Denislav ChavdarovN/A1.0-0.0andy kingN/A
4 Paul Carey17471.0-0.0kieran coleN/A
5 Con Kirby18031.0-0.0kevin foleyN/A
Limerick A3.5-1.5Charleville

Round 6 Results

Bd Sarsfield Rating Result Ennis A Rating
1 Paul Walsh20010.5-0.5 Rory Quinn2058
2 Paul C. Kiely17131.0-0.0 Thomas Junior Dunne1801
3 Frank Noonan16610.0-1.0 Luke Scott1974
4 Liam O'Brien15931.0-0.0 Nick J. Larter1719
5Dan ClancyN/A1.0-0.0 John Cassidy1632
Sarsfield3.5-1.5Ennis A

Bd Limerick A Rating Result CCYMS Rating
1 Rory Delaney18620.5-0.5 Kieran Moynihan2115
2 Kevin O'Flaherty17831.0-0.0 Paul O'Donovan1751
3Denislav ChavdarovN/A1.0-0.0 David Geaney-O'Brien1709
4 Paul Carey17471.0-0.0 Tom Myers1402
5 Con Kirby18030.5-0.5 Paul Dowdall1501
Limerick A4.0-1.0CCYMS

Bd Cork A Rating Result Charleville Rating
1Jaroslav ShanelN/A0.5-0.5carlos de bunesN/A
2 Hugh Doyle20821.0-0.0 P. J. Rea1794
3 Henk De Jonge18290.0-1.0andy kingN/A
4 Piotr Leichert18630.5-0.5kieran coleN/A
5 Simon Lawrence16880.5-0.5kevin foleyN/A
Cork A2.5-2.5Charleville

Round 7 Results

Bd Charleville Rating Result Sarsfield Rating
1carlos de bunesN/A1.0-0.0 Paul C. Kiely1713
2kieran coleN/A0.5-0.5 Martin O'Grady1693
3andy kingN/A0.0-1.0 Liam O'Brien1593
4kevin foleyN/A1.0-0.0 Frank Noonan1661
5 Pat Meskell11510.0-1.0Dan ClancyN/A

Bd CCYMS Rating Result Ennis A Rating
1 Kieran Moynihan21150.5-0.5 Rory Quinn2058
2 Paul O'Donovan17511.0-0.0 Michael O'Donnell1603
3 David Geaney-O'Brien17090.0-1.0 Luke Scott1974
4 Pat Twomey15150.0-1.0 Nick J. Larter1719
5 Paul Dowdall15010.5-0.5 Gerry Casey1370
CCYMS2.0-3.0Ennis A

Bd Limerick A Rating Result Cork A Rating
1 Kevin O'Flaherty17830.5-0.5Jaroslav ShanelN/A
2Denislav ChavdarovN/A1.0-0.0 Piotr Leichert1863
3 James Naughton19180.0-1.0 Sean J. Murphy2118
4 Con Kirby18030.5-0.5 Simon Lawrence1688
5 Jana Solomatina14520.5-0.5 Barry Foran1423
Limerick A2.5-2.5Cork A

Round 8 Results

Bd Sarsfield Rating Result Limerick A Rating
1 Paul Walsh20011.0-0.0 Rory Delaney1862
2 Paul C. Kiely17131.0-0.0Denislav ChavdarovN/A
3 Martin O'Grady16930.5-0.5 Paul Carey1747
4 Liam O'Brien15931.0-0.0 Con Kirby1803
5 Frank Noonan16611.0-0.0 Ray O'Brien1405
Sarsfield4.5-0.5Limerick A

Bd CCYMS Rating Result Cork A Rating
1 Kieran Moynihan21150.0-1.0 Sean J. Murphy2118
2 Paul O'Donovan17510.0-1.0 Henk De Jonge1829
3 David Geaney-O'Brien17090.0-1.0 Simon Lawrence1688
4 Pat Twomey15150.0-1.0 Len Hackett1569
5 Paul Dowdall15010.5-0.5Aliona MihaylovaN/A
CCYMS0.5-4.5Cork A

Bd Ennis A Rating Result Charleville Rating
1 Rory Quinn20580.5-0.5carlos de bunesN/A
2John William's N/A1.0-0.0 P. J. Rea1794
3 Thomas Junior Dunne18011.0-0.0andy kingN/A
4 Nick J. Larter17191.0-0.0kieran coleN/A
5 Gerry Casey13701.0-0.0 Pat Meskell1151
Ennis A4.5-0.5Charleville

Round 9 Results

Bd Cork A Rating Result Sarsfield Rating
1Jaroslav ShanelN/A1.0-0.0 Paul Walsh2001
2 Hugh Doyle20821.0-0.0 Paul C. Kiely1713
3 Henk De Jonge18291.0-0.0 Martin O'Grady1693
4 Piotr Leichert18631.0-0.0 Frank Noonan1661
5 Simon Lawrence16880.5-0.5 Liam O'Brien1593
Cork A4.5-0.5Sarsfield

Bd Charleville Rating Result CCYMS Rating
1carlos de bunesN/A0.0-1.0 Kieran Moynihan2115
2 P. J. Rea17941.0-0.0 Tom Myers1402
3andy kingN/A0.0-1.0 Tadhg O'Leary1544
4kevin foleyN/A1.0-0.0Hubert MachowskiN/A
5kieran coleN/A1.0-0.0 W/ON/A

Bd Ennis A Rating Result Limerick A Rating
1 Rory Quinn20580.5-0.5 Rory Delaney1862
2 Thomas Junior Dunne18011.0-0.0Denislav ChavdarovN/A
3 Luke Scott19740.5-0.5 Paul Carey1747
4 Michael O'Donnell16030.0-1.0 Jana Solomatina1452
5 John Cassidy16320.5-0.5 Ray O'Brien1405
Ennis A2.5-2.5Limerick A

Round 10 Results

Bd Sarsfield Rating Result CCYMS Rating
1 Paul Walsh20010.5-0.5 Kieran Moynihan2115
2 Paul C. Kiely17131.0-0.0 Tom Myers1402
3 Frank Noonan16610.5-0.5 Tadhg O'Leary1544
4 Liam O'Brien15931.0-0.0Hubert MachowskiN/A
5 Martin O'Grady16931.0-0.0 W/ON/A

Bd Charleville Rating Result Limerick A Rating
1carlos de bunesN/A0.0-1.0 Rory Delaney1862
2 P. J. Rea17940.0-1.0Denislav ChavdarovN/A
3andy kingN/A0.0-1.0 Paul Carey1747
4kieran coleN/A1.0-0.0 Jana Solomatina1452
5kevin foleyN/A0.0-1.0 Ray O'Brien1405
Charleville1.0-4.0Limerick A

Bd Cork A Rating Result Ennis A Rating
1Jaroslav ShanelN/A0.0-1.0 Rory Quinn2058
2 Hugh Doyle20821.0-0.0 Thomas Junior Dunne1801
3 Piotr Leichert18631.0-0.0 Luke Scott1974
4 Henk De Jonge18290.5-0.5 Michael O'Donnell1603
5 Sean J. Murphy21180.5-0.5 John Cassidy1632
Cork A3.0-2.0Ennis A

Note: Matches which have only been reported by one team captain are marked with a yellow header.

A red heading indicates that the match has been reported by both captains but there is a mismatch between the reports. Only games which are the same in both reports are listed.