Munster League Season 2019/2020 Division 2

Round 1 Results

Bd Charleville Rating Result Galway Rating
1 P. J. Rea17941.0-0.0 Diego Pereiro Rodriguez1503
2andy kingN/A0.5-0.5 Jason Rawlinson1687
3kieran coleN/A0.5-0.5 Andrew Finnerty1448
4Andy KilgoreN/A0.5-0.5 James Blackwell1266
5 David Racz9091.0-0.0 Zoran Dragic1000

Bd Cork B Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 Simon Lawrence16881.0-0.0 Cody Coughlan1582
2 Barry Foran14230.5-0.5 John Lucey1100
3 David O'Kelly14481.0-0.0 Ivor Gordon948
4 Michael Bradley13711.0-0.0 Patrick O'Mahoney871
5 Mark R. Watkins13801.0-0.0Timothy CoughlanN/A
Cork B4.5-0.5Dungarvan

Bd Tralee Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1 Patrick O'Sullivan14130.0-1.0 Gerry Casey1370
2 Paul Shanahan14031.0-0.0 John P. Dunne1288
3 Gerald Hussey12680.0-1.0 Lukasz Daros1414
4Ayman OsmanN/A1.0-0.0 Dylan Murphy1427
5Sami TorabiN/A0.0-1.0 James O'Sullivan1125
Tralee2.0-3.0Ennis B

Round 2 Results

Bd Dungarvan Rating Result Charleville Rating
1 Cody Coughlan15820.0-1.0 P. J. Rea1794
2 John Lucey11000.0-1.0andy kingN/A
3 Ivor Gordon9480.0-1.0kieran coleN/A
4 Patrick O'Mahoney8710.0-1.0Andy KilgoreN/A
5Timothy CoughlanN/A0.0-1.0 David Racz909

Bd Ennis B Rating Result Galway Rating
1 Gerry Casey13700.0-1.0 Diego Pereiro Rodriguez1503
2 John P. Dunne12880.0-1.0 Jason Rawlinson1687
3 Lukasz Daros14141.0-0.0 Andrew Finnerty1448
4 Dylan Murphy14270.0-1.0 James Blackwell1266
5 James O'Sullivan11250.5-0.5 Zoran Dragic1000
Ennis B1.5-3.5Galway

Bd Tralee Rating Result Cork B Rating
1 Patrick O'Sullivan14130.0-1.0 Simon Lawrence1688
2 Paul Shanahan14030.0-1.0 Barry Foran1423
3 Gerald Hussey12680.0-1.0 David O'Kelly1448
4Ayman OsmanN/A0.0-1.0 Michael Bradley1371
5Sami TorabiN/A0.0-1.0 Mark R. Watkins1380
Tralee0.0-5.0Cork B

Round 3 Results

Bd Charleville Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1 P. J. Rea17940.5-0.5 Brian Farragher1213
2andy kingN/A1.0-0.0 Lukasz Daros1414
3kieran coleN/A0.0-1.0 Dylan Murphy1427
4Andy KilgoreN/A0.5-0.5 James O'Sullivan1125
5 Pat Meskell11511.0-0.0 Phil Timlin758
Charleville3.0-2.0Ennis B

Bd Dungarvan Rating Result Tralee Rating
1 Eamonn Lambden14670.5-0.5 Patrick O'Sullivan1413
2 Cody Coughlan15821.0-0.0 Paul Shanahan1403
3 John Lucey11000.0-1.0 Mirko Kopic1335
4 Ivor Gordon9480.5-0.5 John A. Keane1003
5 Patrick O'Mahoney8710.0-1.0Ayman OsmanN/A

Bd Galway Rating Result Cork B Rating
1 Diego Pereiro Rodriguez15031.0-0.0 Simon Lawrence1688
2David AndreuN/A1.0-0.0 Barry Foran1423
3 James Blackwell12661.0-0.0 David O'Kelly1448
4 Zoran Dragic10000.0-1.0David O'MahonyN/A
5 Scott Reilly8140.0-1.0 Mark R. Watkins1380
Galway3.0-2.0Cork B

Round 4 Results

Bd Tralee Rating Result Charleville Rating
1 Patrick O'Sullivan14130.0-1.0 P. J. Rea1794
2 Paul Shanahan14030.0-1.0andy kingN/A
3 Mirko Kopic13350.5-0.5kieran coleN/A
4 John A. Keane10030.0-1.0Andy KilgoreN/A
5Ayman OsmanN/A1.0-0.0 Pat Meskell1151

Bd Cork B Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1 Simon Lawrence16881.0-0.0 Brian Farragher1213
2 Barry Foran14230.5-0.5 Lukasz Daros1414
3 David O'Kelly14480.0-1.0 Dylan Murphy1427
4David O'MahonyN/A0.5-0.5 James O'Sullivan1125
5 Mark R. Watkins13801.0-0.0 Phil Timlin758
Cork B3.0-2.0Ennis B

Bd Galway Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 Diego Pereiro Rodriguez15031.0-0.0 Eamonn Lambden1467
2David AndreuN/A1.0-0.0 Cody Coughlan1582
3 James Blackwell12661.0-0.0 John Lucey1100
4 Zoran Dragic10001.0-0.0 Ivor Gordon948
5 Scott Reilly8140.0-1.0 Patrick O'Mahoney871

Round 5 Results

Bd Charleville Rating Result Cork B Rating
1carlos de bunesN/A0.5-0.5 Barry Foran1423
2 P. J. Rea17941.0-0.0David O'MahonyN/A
3andy kingN/A0.5-0.5 Michael Bradley1371
4kieran coleN/A1.0-0.0 Sumanth Shindgi1188
5Andy KilgoreN/A0.0-1.0 Akshay Ranade1192
Charleville3.0-2.0Cork B

Bd Ennis B Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 Aaron Daly14260.5-0.5 Eamonn Lambden1467
2 John P. Dunne12881.0-0.0 John Lucey1100
3 Lukasz Daros14141.0-0.0 Ivor Gordon948
4 Brian Farragher12130.5-0.5 Patrick O'Mahoney871
5 James O'Sullivan11251.0-0.0 W/ON/A
Ennis B4.0-1.0Dungarvan

Round 6 Results

Bd Cork B Rating Result Charleville Rating
1 Barry Foran14230.0-1.0 P. J. Rea1794
2David O'MahonyN/A0.0-1.0carlos de bunesN/A
3 Michael Bradley13710.0-1.0andy kingN/A
4 Akshay Ranade11920.0-1.0kieran coleN/A
5 Sumanth Shindgi11881.0-0.0Andy KilgoreN/A
Cork B1.0-4.0Charleville

Bd Dungarvan Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1 Eamonn Lambden14671.0-0.0 Aaron Daly1426
2 John Lucey11001.0-0.0 John P. Dunne1288
3 Ivor Gordon9480.0-1.0 Lukasz Daros1414
4 Patrick O'Mahoney8710.5-0.5 Brian Farragher1213
5 W/ON/A0.0-1.0 James O'Sullivan1125
Dungarvan2.5-2.5Ennis B

Round 7 Results

Bd Charleville Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 P. J. Rea17940.5-0.5 Eamonn Lambden1467
2andy kingN/A0.5-0.5 Cody Coughlan1582
3kieran coleN/A0.5-0.5 John Lucey1100
4 Eugene Barry12830.0-1.0 Ivor Gordon948
5 David Racz9091.0-0.0 Patrick O'Mahoney871

Bd Galway Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1David AndreuN/A1.0-0.0 Gerry Casey1370
2 Diego Pereiro Rodriguez15031.0-0.0 Aaron Daly1426
3 Andrew Finnerty14481.0-0.0 Lukasz Daros1414
4 James Blackwell12660.0-1.0 Dylan Murphy1427
5 Zoran Dragic10001.0-0.0 James O'Sullivan1125
Galway4.0-1.0Ennis B

Bd Cork B Rating Result Tralee Rating
1 Simon Lawrence16881.0-0.0 Patrick O'Sullivan1413
2 Barry Foran14231.0-0.0 Paul Shanahan1403
3 David O'Kelly14481.0-0.0 John A. Keane1003
4Denis O'ConnellN/A1.0-0.0Ayman OsmanN/A
5 Michael Bradley13711.0-0.0Pat FlahertyN/A
Cork B5.0-0.0Tralee

Round 8 Results

Bd Ennis B Rating Result Charleville Rating
1 Gerry Casey13700.5-0.5 P. J. Rea1794
2 Aaron Daly14261.0-0.0andy kingN/A
3 Lukasz Daros14140.5-0.5kieran coleN/A
4 Dylan Murphy14271.0-0.0 Eugene Barry1283
5 James O'Sullivan11251.0-0.0 David Racz909
Ennis B4.0-1.0Charleville

Bd Tralee Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 Patrick O'Sullivan14130.5-0.5 Cody Coughlan1582
2 Paul Shanahan14030.0-1.0 Eamonn Lambden1467
3 John A. Keane10030.0-1.0 John Lucey1100
4Ayman OsmanN/A1.0-0.0 Ivor Gordon948
5Pat FlahertyN/A0.5-0.5 Patrick O'Mahoney871

Bd Cork B Rating Result Galway Rating
1 Simon Lawrence16880.5-0.5David AndreuN/A
2 Michael Bradley13710.0-1.0 Diego Pereiro Rodriguez1503
3Denis O'ConnellN/A0.0-1.0 Andrew Finnerty1448
4 Barry Foran14230.0-1.0 James Blackwell1266
5 David O'Kelly14481.0-0.0 Zoran Dragic1000
Cork B1.5-3.5Galway

Note: Matches which have only been reported by one team captain are marked with a yellow header.

A red heading indicates that the match has been reported by both captains but there is a mismatch between the reports. Only games which are the same in both reports are listed.