Division 2 Anomaly?

On the face of it Division 2 was a straightforward win for Ennis B. However Stephen Danaher contacted me after the roundup to point out that Shannon had in fact won all their matches but had only come second. The following table lists Shannon's results for each match.

Home Result Away
Ennis B 1.5 - 3.5 Shannon
Shannon 3.5 - 1.5 Dungarvan
St. Michaels 1 - 4 Shannon
Shannon 4 - 1 Mallow
Shannon 3 - 2 Adare B

Essentially Stephen's question was "How can we win all our matches and not win the league?". And it seems like a reasonable question.

Of course the League Rules have always used game points to decide the result so Ennis B are the winners of Division 2. I don't recall match results ever having been used to decide the league result, except in tie break situations where teams have equal points.

However this result does raise an interesting point which may be worth considering at our upcoming AGM.

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