2023 / 2024 Munster League Division 3

A very warm welcome to the 5 new teams joining the Munster Leagues this year. Initially we were going to add the new teams to Division 2 and change it to a single round all play all. However the number of new teams asking to entermeant that this led to too many rounds.

For this reason we decided to return having a third division and add the new teamsto Division 3. Division 3 will be an all play all twice (home and away) league just like Division 1 and 2. However because there are an odd number of teams there will be one team getting a bye in each round.

As a result we have paired the rounds so that teams will play each other home and away on the same day. This is a bit unusual but it means that the team with the bye will not have to travel. It was felt that this was preferable to having teams travel for a single match.

My apologies for being late in getting the draw done due to the changes.

The initial dates for the Munster League 2023/2024 are given here. All matches are scheduled to be played in the Charleville Park Hotel. The first round each day starts at 12pm with the second round starting at 4pm. The Division 3 time control is 1 hour and 15 minutes each with 15 seconds increment from move 1.

Please note that the away team has White on boards 1, 3 and 5.

Reporting Results

This year team captains / reporters will again report results directly on this website using web forms. Team captains may nominate a reporter who can also submit the results for their team.

Please submit the email address and phone number of any new team captains as soon as possible so that the email lists and reporting accounts are set up.

Also make sure you have any players you intend to include in your team added to your panel on the website before the match (or by midnight on the night of the match at latest).

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