MCU Response (continued)

B) John claims that Ennis fielded ineligible players. Again Rule 6 is perfectly clear (except to John):

Guest Player(s)

Any player who is living in Munster or Connaught may play in the MCU Leagues. This rule to be review if Connaught start their own FIDE rated League. Each team may play only one Guest Player per match.

Tony Aherne and Lorcan O’Toole according to John himself live in Connaught. So they are not guest players. Colm Daly counts as the one Ennis Guest Player just as I assume Tony Fox was the Guest Player for Adare.

C) John also implies that some Ennis players were not ICU registered. League Rule 2 requires that all players must be ICU registered before being eligible to play. In practice it is impossible for the League Controller and Team Captains to validate this as ICU membership is not always fully up to date. So in practice team captains are requested to have their players registered at some point during the league.

In particular this year there was a change of Treasurer and the ICU Membership Officer was removed recently according to the ICU website. So in practice I sent a reminder to all team captains early this year to check on players who were not listed ICU members.

A second email with a specified deadline was issued on behalf of the League Controller.

John has misrepresented my reminder as containing a deadline after which points would be defaulted. My email was a reminder and contained no specified deadline after which defaults would occur. I understand that all Division 1 players were registered ICU members by the stated deadline set by the League Controller.

The rules I quote above are all from the league rules adopted at the September 2013 AGM. I believe the tie break rules haven’t changed since the original league rules were adopted.

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