AGM Minutes 2013 (ii)


It was agreed to have 8 teams in the 1st Division namely � Adare, CCYMS, Charleville, Cork, Ennis, Limerick, Sarsfield and Tralee. It was agreed that this division would start on October 12th. It was noted that a team from St. Michaels and a second team from Adare would like to play in the 2nd Division. It was agreed that the League Controller would contact the existing teams in Division 2 namely � Ennis B, Dungarvan, Shannon and Waterford to ascertain if they are interested in fielding a team/teams this season. It was greed that the League Controller may use his discretion in deciding the final number of teams and that this division would start later in November if possible.


5 Motions were received, although 2 were ruled out of order. As per our constitution the proposer of the motion(s) had to be present to move the said motion(s).

Motion 1 � �That the MCU run an NCC/ECC compatible qualifying league for Munster Division 1 teams, over a weekend�. �It would need to guarantee a minimum of 3 rounds, and sufficient numbers of teams taking part.�

Proposed by John Alfred and seconded by Jan Heinrich. Following a comprehensive discussion this motion was put to a vote carried. It was unanimously agreed that this new event would be self-financing.

Motion 2 � �The draw for the matches & locations to be changed every season and the teams/ captains to be consulted when making the draw.�

This was proposed by Gabriel Mirza and seconded by John Keane. Following a discussion and in the interest of fairness, this motion was put to a vote and carried.

Motion 3 � �That clubs may only use a former Munster Senior Champion if s/he resides within 30 miles of the Club�s premises�.

This is to reduce the incidence of monopolistic practices. This motion was proposed by John Alfred. After a few moments John withdrew this motion.

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