Minute of Munster Chess Union Annual General Meeting 2014


As the 2013 AGM Minutes had been available on the website in advance it was suggested that the formal reading be skipped if the meeting was agreeable. The meeting was then asked if there were any matters arising from the 2013 Minutes. No issues were raised.

The Minutes were adopted on the proposition of Alan Salsac having been seconded by John Keane.


There were no matters arising.


Alan Salsac, Chairperson, noted that the finances, which were a major concern last year, had been brought under control. He then outlined his vision for improving the MCU and a number of initiatives to increase the involvement of the membership.

A new low cost knockout competition between league clubs was being proposed. This would be covered by the same fees and would be played at the home club's home venue to reduce cost. To facilitate this initial rounds could be organised by region.

Last year Alan had hoped to set up a newsletter to communicate with the membership. However now that a website was available it was intended to use it for communication. It was also intended to use the website to promote clubs. In addition to basic listings, further information, history etc. could be included.

Based on experience during the past year a number of motions were being proposed to update the Constitution. Since the elected Committee is quite small there is likely to be a need for external assistance in some areas. One of the main Constitutional changes proposed would formalize the ability of the Committee to involve other non-voting members with relevant experience or technical expertise.

Members need to be aware that the MCU has limited resources and has to pay hotels for league venues. Some of these costs end up being carried by individual members until the team fees are received. This situation is unacceptable and clubs are asked to pay their fees on time in the coming season.

It should be the MCU's ambition to expand beyond just running a league to keep more in touch with members and work to increase the enjoyment of chess in Munster. One specific proposal is to revitalize the Munster Championship as a standalone event.

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