Minute of Munster Chess Union Annual General Meeting 2014


The secretary's report is available as a pdf document on the website. The main issues covered include:

Gabriel Mirza questioned why the NCC/ECC qualifying tournament proposed in Motion 1 adopted at last year's AGM was not held. I explained that I had emailed all the Division 1 Clubs to determine their interest and only one club was interested in participating.

Gabriel pointed out that St. Michael's could have fielded teams. I pointed out that the motion specifically referred to Division 1 teams and that the committee had to work with the motion as passed.

The Secretary's report was adopted on the proposal of Alan Salsac, seconded by Pat Twomey.

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  1. Attendance & Start
  2. Chairman's Address
  3. Secretary Report
  4. Officer Reports
  5. Constitutional Motions 1
  6. Constitutional Motions 2
  7. Constitutional Motions 3
  8. Constitutional Motions 4
  9. General Motions 1
  10. General Motions 2
  11. Officer Elections

  12. 2014 Minutes (pdf)
  13. Secretary's Report(pdf)