Munster Chess Union Annual General Meeting 2015


Simon Lawrence circulated a financial report showing that the balance between expenditure and income was back in balance. However the report does not include the final costs for room hire for league matches. The main reason for this was that individual members had paid for venues as the MCU bank balance was low and in some cases they still had to return the receipts and claim their costs back.

The root cause of this problem was that Division 1 Clubs particularly had not paid their fees at the beginning of the league. The net result was that some team captains had ended up carrying the costs and this was most unfair.

To help make paying fees easier a PayPal account has been set up to allow payments via the website.

The treasurer proposed that all clubs should pay their MCU fees before the leagues start this year. He also proposed that the fees remain the same for the coming year.

Although the Bank Balance currently looked good we need to maintain a buffer against possible hotel cost increases and it was also noted that web hosting costs for the website would be incurred in the coming season.

The Treasurer's Report was adopted on the proposition of Eric Salsac having been seconded by Pat Twomey.


Frank Noonan noted that both Division 1 and Division 2 had been hotly contested right down to the final round. Ennis A and Adare A had scored equal points and the outcome of their individual matches was also equal. Ennis A won on Board Point count. Unfortunately for the third year in a row one of the teams had to withdraw after the start of the league.

Division 2 ended with a win for Ennis B on 20.5 ahead of Shannon on 18 points. Frank noted the issue raised by Shannon but pointed out that the current rules had to be applied.

The League Controllers report was adopted on the proposal of Pat Twomey, seconded by Patrick O'Sullivan.

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  2. Officer's Report
  3. League Rule Motions
  4. Constitutional Motions
  5. Emergency Motions & Election

  6. Secretary's Report(pdf)