Munster Chess Union Annual General Meeting 2016

Minute of Munster Chess Union Annual General Meeting held in the Charleville Park Hotel, Charleville on 24th July 2016.


Alan Salsac (Tralee), Ray O'Brien (Limerick), Gerry Graham (Sarsfield), Ted Jennings (Limerick), John A. Keane (Tralee), Paul Shanahan (Tralee), Michael O'Meara (Tralee), Patrick O'Sullivan (Tralee), Bernd Thee (Tralee), Jan Heinrich (Adare), Pat Meskell (Charleville), Vincent O'Donnell (Charleville), Liam O'Brien (Limerick), Eric Salsac (Limerick), Noel Keating (Limerick), Pat O'Mahoney (Dungarvan), John Lucey (Dungarvan), Phillip Foenander (Limerick), Mikhail Ramendik (Adare), Andrew Ingram (Ennis), Brian Scully (Limerick), Paul Carey (Limerick), Pat Twomey (CCYMS), John Cassidy (Ennis).

Apologies were received from Simon Lawrence and Frank Noonan.

Attendance at the AGM was limited to ICU registered players who met the membership requirements of the MCU Constitution.


The 2015 AGM Minutes were available on the website during the previous week. The AGM agreed to skip the formal reading of the 2015 minutes. The meeting was then asked if there were any matters arising from the 2015 Minutes. No issues were raised.

The Minutes were adopted on the proposal of Kevin O'Flaherty and seconded by Eric Salsac.


There were no matters arising.

Continued ...


  1. Attendance & Start
  2. Officer's Reports
  3. Motions
  4. Elections & AOB
  5. Invalid Nominations

  6. Secretary's Report(pdf)