Munster Chess Union EGM 2016

Minute of Munster Chess Union EGM held in the Charleville Park Hotel, Charleville on 1st October 2016.


Ray O'Brien (Limerick), Kevin O'Flaherty (Limerick), Pat Twomey (CCYMS), Paul Kiely (Sarsfield). Liam O'Brien (Sarsfield), Frank Noonan (Sarsfield), Jan Heinrich (Adare), Gerry McCarthy (CCYMS), Peter Doyle (Cork), Keegan O'Mahoney (Cork), Hugh Doyle (Cork), Paul Dowdall (CCYMS), Martin O'Grady (Sarsfield).

The EGM was called to amend the motion passed at the AGM "That MCU Division 1 League Matches be organised on Saturday instead of Sunday." to "That MCU League Matches be organised on Saturday or Sunday."

There were two main reasons for proposing the change: i)the cost of venues on Saturdays turns out to be significantly higher than on Sundays; and ii)the availability of venues is also more limited on Saturdays.

After a short discussion the proposed motion was unanimously adopted by the members present.