Chairman's Welcome

Dear Chess Friends,

Welcome to the new Munster Chess Union website, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ray O'Brien for his work in making this a reality. It is a cornerstone of my thinking with regard to Munster Chess that we need to be more accessible to the individual players who make up our membership and support the various clubs throughout the province, this new website will enable us to do that.

I would also like to thank Frank Noonan and Simon Lawrence for all their hard work on the executive and Gerry Graham whose extensive support and willingness to share his expertise and experience have been invaluable.

Thanks are also due to all the various people involved in organising the conferences that take place in the province and the arbiters who oversee them, without their hard work we could not have the opportunities to play the game we love that we currently enjoy. For those of you who have yet to play in the conferences, please do come and join in, they are great fun and the community spirit is wonderful. You need not worry about not being the greatest or most experienced chess player, I am living proof of that!

This is a time of change for Munster Chess, the executive committee has been considering several ways to increase the involvement of club members and to encourage the expansion of chess opportunities by encouraging the spread of new clubs, hopefully this website will be of assistance in meeting these goals and encourage a greater degree of communication between clubs and the executive.

There are some exciting plans for the coming year, proposals include the introduction of a second club competition in the form of a knockout tournament to complement the existing league, with rounds to be played at club venues to keep down costs for clubs taking part. We are also looking to have the Munster Chess Championship as a stand alone event in future to include a junior championship alongside the main event, this will hopefully raise the profile of the championship and increase the number of tournament opportunities for those who wish to enter.

Whilst we are, very grateful to those gentlemen who originally set up the Munster Chess Union and drafted its constitution, we also acknowledge that their hard work was performed many years ago and this years AGM will see the presentation of a proposed revised constitution which attempts to bring us up to date and take into account issues which we, with the benefit of hindsight, can address which were unforeseen when the original constitution was drafted all those years ago. the world has changed and we need to move with it.

Perhaps most importantly, this website will enable your executive to share information directly with us, the members, and by doing so increase our involvement in what is after all our Union. I for one am excited about what we can achieve together and look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Yours in Chess

Alan Salsac

Chairman Munster Chess Union

30th July 2014