Munster League Season 2019/2020 Division 1

Round 1 Results

Bd Cork A Rating Result Limerick B Rating
1 Hugh Doyle20821.0-0.0 Desmond Fanning1308
2 Sean J. Murphy20971.0-0.0 Aidan O'Sullivan1419
3 Piotr Leichert17211.0-0.0 Phillip Foenander1222
4 Len Hackett15560.5-0.5 Tim Dineen1256
5 Gerard Condon16671.0-0.0 Hari Prasad1269
Cork A4.5-0.5Limerick B

Bd Ennis A Rating Result CCYMS Rating
1 Rory Quinn20601.0-0.0 Kieran Moynihan2018
2 Thomas Junior Dunne18040.5-0.5Vladimir AndricN/A
3 Nick J. Larter17120.0-1.0 Paul O'Donovan1681
4 Michael O'Donnell16031.0-0.0 David Geaney-O'Brien1838
5 John Cassidy15820.0-1.0 Paul Dowdall1501
Ennis A2.5-2.5CCYMS

Bd Sarsfield Rating Result Limerick A Rating
1 Paul Walsh20350.5-0.5 Rory Delaney1869
2 Paul C. Kiely17640.0-1.0 Niall McDonnell1760
3 Martin O'Grady16791.0-0.0 Denislav Andonov Chavdarov1762
4 Frank Noonan16151.0-0.0 Jana Solomatina1452
5 Liam O'Brien16170.0-1.0 Ray O'Brien1411
Sarsfield2.5-2.5Limerick A

Round 2 Results

Bd Cork A Rating Result Limerick A Rating
1 Hugh Doyle20820.5-0.5 Rory Delaney1869
2 Sean J. Murphy20971.0-0.0 Niall McDonnell1760
3 Piotr Leichert17210.0-1.0 James Naughton2066
4 Len Hackett15560.0-1.0 Denislav Andonov Chavdarov1762
5 Gerard Condon16670.5-0.5 Jana Solomatina1452
Cork A2.0-3.0Limerick A

Bd CCYMS Rating Result Sarsfield Rating
1 Kieran Moynihan20181.0-0.0 Paul Walsh2035
2Vladimir AndricN/A0.0-1.0 Paul C. Kiely1764
3 Paul O'Donovan16810.5-0.5 Martin O'Grady1679
4 David Geaney-O'Brien18380.5-0.5 Frank Noonan1615
5 Paul Dowdall15010.0-1.0 Liam O'Brien1617

Bd Limerick B Rating Result Ennis A Rating
1 Desmond Fanning13080.0-1.0 Rory Quinn2060
2 Aidan O'Sullivan14190.0-1.0 Thomas Junior Dunne1804
3 Ray O'Brien14110.5-0.5 Michael O'Donnell1603
4 Phillip Foenander12220.0-1.0 Nick J. Larter1712
5 Tim Dineen12560.0-1.0 John Cassidy1582
Limerick B0.5-4.5Ennis A

Round 3 Results

Bd CCYMS Rating Result Cork A Rating
1 Kieran Moynihan20181.0-0.0Jaroslav ShanelN/A
2Vladimir AndricN/A0.0-1.0 Sean J. Murphy2097
3 Paul O'Donovan16811.0-0.0 Henk De Jonge1842
4 Paul Dowdall15010.0-1.0 Aliona Mihaylova1595
5 Tom Myers13300.0-1.0 Len Hackett1556
CCYMS2.0-3.0Cork A

Bd Limerick A Rating Result Limerick B Rating
1 Rory Delaney18690.5-0.5Angelo Moises Alarcon FuentesN/A
2 James Naughton20661.0-0.0 Ray O'Brien1411
3 Con Kirby17890.5-0.5 Aidan O'Sullivan1419
4 Desmond Fanning13080.0-1.0 Tim Dineen1256
5 W/ON/A0.0-1.0 Neal Kirby1057
Limerick A2.0-3.0Limerick B

Bd Sarsfield Rating Result Ennis A Rating
1 W/ON/A0.0-1.0 Rory Quinn2060
2 Paul C. Kiely17640.0-1.0 Nick J. Larter1712
3 Martin O'Grady16791.0-0.0 Michael O'Donnell1603
4 Frank Noonan16151.0-0.0 John Cassidy1582
5 Dan Clancy15570.5-0.5 Kenneth Higgins1703
Sarsfield2.5-2.5Ennis A

Round 4 Results

Bd Cork A Rating Result CCYMS Rating
1Jaroslav ShanelN/A0.0-1.0 Kieran Moynihan2018
2 Sean J. Murphy20970.0-1.0Vladimir AndricN/A
3 Henk De Jonge18421.0-0.0 Paul O'Donovan1681
4 Aliona Mihaylova15951.0-0.0 Paul Dowdall1501
5 Len Hackett15560.0-1.0 Tadhg O'Leary1536
Cork A2.0-3.0CCYMS

Bd Limerick B Rating Result Limerick A Rating
1Angelo Moises Alarcon FuentesN/A1.0-0.0 Rory Delaney1869
2 Ray O'Brien14110.0-1.0 James Naughton2066
3 Aidan O'Sullivan14190.0-1.0 Con Kirby1789
4 Tim Dineen12560.0-1.0 Desmond Fanning1308
5 Neal Kirby10570.5-0.5 Phillip Foenander1222
Limerick B1.5-3.5Limerick A

Bd Ennis A Rating Result Sarsfield Rating
1 Rory Quinn20601.0-0.0 W/ON/A
2 Kenneth Higgins17031.0-0.0 Paul C. Kiely1764
3 Nick J. Larter17120.5-0.5 Martin O'Grady1679
4 Michael O'Donnell16030.5-0.5 Frank Noonan1615
5 John Cassidy15821.0-0.0 Dan Clancy1557
Ennis A4.0-1.0Sarsfield

Round 5 Results

Bd Sarsfield Rating Result Cork A Rating
1 Paul Walsh20351.0-0.0Jaroslav ShanelN/A
2 Paul C. Kiely17640.5-0.5 Sean J. Murphy2097
3 Martin O'Grady16790.0-1.0 Piotr Leichert1721
4 Frank Noonan16150.5-0.5 Henk De Jonge1842
5 Liam O'Brien16170.0-1.0 Len Hackett1556
Sarsfield2.0-3.0Cork A

Bd Ennis A Rating Result Limerick A Rating
1 Rory Quinn20601.0-0.0 Rory Delaney1869
2 Thomas Junior Dunne18040.0-1.0 James Naughton2066
3 George O'Brien17080.0-1.0 Kevin O'Flaherty1813
4 John Cassidy15820.0-1.0 Niall McDonnell1760
5 Gerry Casey12950.0-1.0 Con Kirby1789
Ennis A1.0-4.0Limerick A

Bd Limerick B Rating Result CCYMS Rating
1Angelo Moises Alarcon FuentesN/A0.0-1.0 Kieran Moynihan2018
2 Ray O'Brien14110.0-1.0 Paul O'Donovan1681
3 Phillip Foenander12220.0-1.0 David Geaney-O'Brien1838
4 Tim Dineen12561.0-0.0 Tadhg O'Leary1536
5 W/ON/A0.0-1.0 Paul Dowdall1501
Limerick B1.0-4.0CCYMS

Round 6 Results

Bd Cork A Rating Result Ennis A Rating
1Jaroslav ShanelN/A1.0-0.0 Rory Quinn2060
2 Sean J. Murphy20971.0-0.0 Thomas Junior Dunne1804
3 Piotr Leichert17211.0-0.0 George O'Brien1708
4 Henk De Jonge18420.5-0.5 John Cassidy1582
5 Len Hackett15560.0-1.0 Gerry Casey1295
Cork A3.5-1.5Ennis A

Bd Sarsfield Rating Result Limerick B Rating
1 Paul Walsh20351.0-0.0Angelo Moises Alarcon FuentesN/A
2 Paul C. Kiely17641.0-0.0 Ray O'Brien1411
3 Martin O'Grady16791.0-0.0 Phillip Foenander1222
4 Liam O'Brien16171.0-0.0 Tim Dineen1256
5 Frank Noonan16151.0-0.0 W/ON/A
Sarsfield5.0-0.0Limerick B

Bd Limerick A Rating Result CCYMS Rating
1 Rory Delaney18690.5-0.5 Kieran Moynihan2018
2 James Naughton20660.5-0.5 Paul O'Donovan1681
3 Kevin O'Flaherty18131.0-0.0 David Geaney-O'Brien1838
4 Con Kirby17891.0-0.0 Pat Twomey1525
5 Denislav Andonov Chavdarov17621.0-0.0 Paul Dowdall1501
Limerick A4.0-1.0CCYMS

Round 7 Results

Bd Limerick B Rating Result Cork A Rating
1Angelo Moises Alarcon FuentesN/A0.0-1.0Jaroslav ShanelN/A
2 Jana Solomatina14520.0-1.0 Sean J. Murphy2097
3 Aidan O'Sullivan14191.0-0.0 Piotr Leichert1721
4 Ray O'Brien14111.0-0.0 Henk De Jonge1842
5 Tim Dineen12560.0-1.0 Len Hackett1556
Limerick B2.0-3.0Cork A

Bd CCYMS Rating Result Ennis A Rating
1 Kieran Moynihan20180.0-1.0 Rory Quinn2060
2Vladimir AndricN/A0.0-1.0 John Williams1822
3 Paul O'Donovan16811.0-0.0 Nick J. Larter1712
4Tom HealyN/A1.0-0.0 Michael O'Donnell1603
5 Pat Twomey15250.0-1.0 John Cassidy1582
CCYMS2.0-3.0Ennis A

Bd Limerick A Rating Result Sarsfield Rating
1 Rory Delaney18690.0-1.0 Paul Walsh2035
2 James Naughton20660.0-1.0 Paul C. Kiely1764
3 Kevin O'Flaherty18130.0-1.0 Martin O'Grady1679
4 Con Kirby17891.0-0.0 Frank Noonan1615
5 Denislav Andonov Chavdarov17621.0-0.0 Liam O'Brien1617
Limerick A2.0-3.0Sarsfield

Round 8 Results

Bd Limerick A Rating Result Cork A Rating
1 Rory Delaney18690.5-0.5Jaroslav ShanelN/A
2 James Naughton20660.5-0.5 Sean J. Murphy2097
3 Kevin O'Flaherty18130.0-1.0 Henk De Jonge1842
4 Con Kirby17890.0-1.0 Piotr Leichert1721
5 Denislav Andonov Chavdarov17621.0-0.0 Len Hackett1556
Limerick A2.0-3.0Cork A

Bd Sarsfield Rating Result CCYMS Rating
1 Paul Walsh20350.0-1.0 Kieran Moynihan2018
2 Paul C. Kiely17641.0-0.0Vladimir AndricN/A
3 Martin O'Grady16790.5-0.5 Paul O'Donovan1681
4 Frank Noonan16151.0-0.0Tom HealyN/A
5 Liam O'Brien16171.0-0.0 Pat Twomey1525

Bd Ennis A Rating Result Limerick B Rating
1 Rory Quinn20600.0-1.0Angelo Moises Alarcon FuentesN/A
2 John Williams18220.5-0.5 Jana Solomatina1452
3 Nick J. Larter17121.0-0.0 Aidan O'Sullivan1419
4 Michael O'Donnell16030.5-0.5 Ray O'Brien1411
5 John Cassidy15821.0-0.0 Phillip Foenander1222
Ennis A3.0-2.0Limerick B

Round 9 Results

Bd Cork A Rating Result Sarsfield Rating
1 Sean J. Murphy20970.0-1.0 Paul Walsh2035
2 Henk De Jonge18421.0-0.0 Paul C. Kiely1764
3 Simon Lawrence16440.0-1.0 Martin O'Grady1679
4H R ManasaN/A1.0-0.0 Frank Noonan1615
5 Michael Bradley13650.0-1.0 Liam O'Brien1617
Cork A2.0-3.0Sarsfield

Bd Limerick A Rating Result Ennis A Rating
1 James Naughton20660.0-1.0Oleg GubanovN/A
2 Con Kirby17890.0-1.0 Rory Quinn2060
3 Denislav Andonov Chavdarov17620.5-0.5 Oissine Murphy1974
4 Ray O'Brien14110.0-1.0 Thomas Junior Dunne1804
5 George Stack17810.5-0.5 Kieran O'Brien1602
Limerick A1.0-4.0Ennis A

Bd CCYMS Rating Result Limerick B Rating
1 Kieran Moynihan20181.0-0.0 Desmond Fanning1308
2 Sasa Gavrilovic20001.0-0.0 Tim Dineen1256
3 Kieran O'Driscoll19901.0-0.0 Phillip Foenander1222
4 Tadhg O'Leary15361.0-0.0 Dovydas Kalvaitis1304
5 Tom Myers13300.0-1.0 Conor Sheehan1313
CCYMS4.0-1.0Limerick B

Round 10 Results

Bd Ennis A Rating Result Cork A Rating
1Oleg GubanovN/A1.0-0.0 Sean J. Murphy2097
2 Rory Quinn20601.0-0.0 Henk De Jonge1842
3 Oissine Murphy19741.0-0.0H R ManasaN/A
4 Thomas Junior Dunne18040.5-0.5 Simon Lawrence1644
5 Kieran O'Brien16021.0-0.0 Michael Bradley1365
Ennis A4.5-0.5Cork A

Bd Limerick B Rating Result Sarsfield Rating
1 Desmond Fanning13080.0-1.0 Paul Walsh2035
2 Tim Dineen12560.0-1.0 Paul C. Kiely1764
3 Phillip Foenander12220.0-1.0 Martin O'Grady1679
4 Dovydas Kalvaitis13040.0-1.0 Frank Noonan1615
5 Conor Sheehan13130.5-0.5 Liam O'Brien1617
Limerick B0.5-4.5Sarsfield

Bd CCYMS Rating Result Limerick A Rating
1 Kieran Moynihan20181.0-0.0 James Naughton2066
2 Sasa Gavrilovic20001.0-0.0 Con Kirby1789
3 Kieran O'Driscoll19900.0-1.0 Denislav Andonov Chavdarov1762
4 Tadhg O'Leary15360.5-0.5 Ray O'Brien1411
5 Hubert Machowski12710.0-1.0 George Stack1781
CCYMS2.5-2.5Limerick A

Note: Matches which have only been reported by one team captain are marked with a yellow header.

A red heading indicates that the match has been reported by both captains but there is a mismatch between the reports. Only games which are the same in both reports are listed.

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