Munster League Season 2022/2023 Division 2

Round 1 Results

Bd Limerick B Rating Result Tralee Rating
1 Desmond Fanning13080.0-1.0 Yunis Barudi1979
2 Tim Dineen12560.0-1.0 Oleksandr Zakladnyi1782
3 Phillip Foenander12221.0-0.0 Paul Shanahan1367
4 Conor Sheehan13130.0-1.0mirko kopicN/A
5 Colm Keane11260.0-1.0 Ayman Osman1081
Limerick B1.0-4.0Tralee

Bd Galway Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 Alexandru Drimbarean16480.0-1.0 Cody Coughlan1562
2 Jason Rawlinson17331.0-0.0 Eamonn Lambden1451
3 Diego Pereiro Rodriguez16461.0-0.0 Declan Voogt1378
4 James Blackwell12631.0-0.0 John Lucey1075
5 Michael Corless8600.0-1.0 Ivor Gordon889

Bd Ennis B Rating Result Cork B Rating
1 Bogdan Neaga15471.0-0.0 W/ON/A
2 John Cassidy15821.0-0.0 W/ON/A
3 Roy Marshall12451.0-0.0 W/ON/A
4 James O'Sullivan10661.0-0.0 W/ON/A
5 Phil Timlin7941.0-0.0 W/ON/A
Ennis B5.0-0.0Cork B

Round 2 Results

Bd Dungarvan Rating Result Limerick B Rating
1 Cody Coughlan15621.0-0.0 Desmond Fanning1308
2 Eamonn Lambden14510.0-1.0 Tim Dineen1256
3 Declan Voogt13781.0-0.0 Phillip Foenander1222
4 John Lucey10750.0-1.0 Conor Sheehan1313
5 Ivor Gordon8890.0-1.0 Colm Keane1126
Dungarvan2.0-3.0Limerick B

Bd Cork B Rating Result Tralee Rating
1 W/ON/A0.0-1.0 Yunis Barudi1979
2 W/ON/A0.0-1.0 Oleksandr Zakladnyi1782
3 W/ON/A0.0-1.0 Paul Shanahan1367
4 W/ON/A0.0-1.0mirko kopicN/A
5 W/ON/A0.0-1.0 Ayman Osman1081
Cork B0.0-5.0Tralee

Bd Ennis B Rating Result Galway Rating
1 Bogdan Neaga15470.0-1.0 Alexandru Drimbarean1648
2 John Cassidy15820.5-0.5 Jason Rawlinson1733
3 Roy Marshall12450.0-1.0 Diego Pereiro Rodriguez1646
4 James O'Sullivan10660.0-1.0 James Blackwell1263
5 Phil Timlin7941.0-0.0 Michael Corless860
Ennis B1.5-3.5Galway

Round 3 Results

Bd Limerick B Rating Result Cork B Rating
1 Ray O'Brien14110.5-0.5 Mark R. Watkins1460
2 Tim Dineen12561.0-0.0 Rory Plant1069
3 Conor Sheehan13131.0-0.0Leon VolaricN/A
4 Dovydas Kalvaitis13041.0-0.0 Hassan Syed Muhammad909
5Sam MorrisN/A0.0-1.0 Nitish Arun1663
Limerick B3.5-1.5Cork B

Bd Dungarvan Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1 Cody Coughlan15620.5-0.5 John Cassidy1582
2 Declan Voogt13781.0-0.0 Lukasz Daros1418
3 John Lucey10750.0-1.0 Niall P. Whelan1245
4 Ivor Gordon8890.0-1.0 Roy Marshall1245
5Pat CollinsN/A0.0-1.0 James O'Sullivan1066
Dungarvan1.5-3.5Ennis B

Bd Tralee Rating Result Galway Rating
1 Yunis Barudi19791.0-0.0 Jason Rawlinson1733
2 Oleksandr Zakladnyi17821.0-0.0 David O'Connell1673
3 Mirko Kopic14421.0-0.0 David Andreu1607
4 Ayman Osman10810.0-1.0 Alexandru Drimbarean1648
5 Viktoria Angelova6500.0-1.0 Diego Pereiro Rodriguez1646

Round 4 Results

Bd Ennis B Rating Result Limerick B Rating
1 John Cassidy15820.5-0.5 Ray O'Brien1411
2 Lukasz Daros14181.0-0.0 Tim Dineen1256
3 Niall P. Whelan12450.5-0.5 Conor Sheehan1313
4 James O'Sullivan10660.5-0.5 Dovydas Kalvaitis1304
5 Roy Marshall12450.5-0.5 Colm Keane1126
Ennis B3.0-2.0Limerick B

Bd Galway Rating Result Cork B Rating
1 Diego Pereiro Rodriguez16460.5-0.5 Mark R. Watkins1460
2 Alexandru Drimbarean16480.5-0.5 Rory Plant1069
3 Jason Rawlinson17331.0-0.0Leon VolaricN/A
4 David O'Connell16730.5-0.5 Hassan Syed Muhammad909
5 David Andreu16071.0-0.0 Rahul Arun1031
Galway3.5-1.5Cork B

Bd Tralee Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 Yunis Barudi19791.0-0.0 Cody Coughlan1562
2 Oleksandr Zakladnyi17821.0-0.0 Declan Voogt1378
3 Mirko Kopic14420.5-0.5 John Lucey1075
4 Ayman Osman10811.0-0.0 Ivor Gordon889
5 Viktoria Angelova6500.0-1.0Pat CollinsN/A

Round 5 Results

Bd Limerick B Rating Result Galway Rating
1 Desmond Fanning13080.0-1.0 Alexandru Drimbarean1648
2 Tim Dineen12560.0-1.0 Ross Du Berry1558
3 Conor Sheehan13130.0-1.0 Dara Jennings1536
4 Dovydas Kalvaitis13040.0-1.0 James Blackwell1263
5 Colm Keane11261.0-0.0 Gourang Jiddewar924
Limerick B1.0-4.0Galway

Bd Ennis B Rating Result Tralee Rating
1 Bogdan Neaga15470.0-1.0 Yunis Barudi1979
2 Kieran O'Brien16020.0-1.0 Oleksandr Zakladnyi1782
3 John Cassidy15820.5-0.5 Paul Shanahan1367
4 Lukasz Daros14181.0-0.0 Ayman Osman1081
5 Niall P. Whelan12450.5-0.5 John Hoare1011
Ennis B2.0-3.0Tralee

Bd Cork B Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 Sumeet Bhattacharjee12360.0-1.0 Cody Coughlan1562
2Leon VolaricN/A0.0-1.0 Declan Voogt1378
3 Darragh Coughlan8261.0-0.0David PikeN/A
4 W/ON/A0.0-1.0 Eamonn Lambden1451
5 W/ON/A0.0-1.0 John Lucey1075
Cork B1.0-4.0Dungarvan

Round 6 Results

Bd Tralee Rating Result Limerick B Rating
1 Yunis Barudi19791.0-0.0 Desmond Fanning1308
2 Oleksandr Zakladnyi17821.0-0.0 Tim Dineen1256
3 Paul Shanahan13670.5-0.5 Conor Sheehan1313
4 Ayman Osman10811.0-0.0 Dovydas Kalvaitis1304
5 John Hoare10110.0-1.0 Colm Keane1126
Tralee3.5-1.5Limerick B

Bd Dungarvan Rating Result Galway Rating
1 Cody Coughlan15620.0-1.0 Alexandru Drimbarean1648
2 Declan Voogt13780.0-1.0 Ross Du Berry1558
3 Eamonn Lambden14511.0-0.0 Dara Jennings1536
4David PikeN/A0.5-0.5 James Blackwell1263
5 John Lucey10751.0-0.0 Gourang Jiddewar924

Bd Cork B Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1 Akshay Ranade13120.0-1.0 Bogdan Neaga1547
2 Sumeet Bhattacharjee12360.5-0.5 Kieran O'Brien1602
3Leon VolaricN/A0.5-0.5 John Cassidy1582
4 Darragh Coughlan8260.0-1.0 Niall P. Whelan1245
5 W/ON/A0.0-1.0 Lukasz Daros1418
Cork B1.0-4.0Ennis B

Round 7 Results

Bd Limerick B Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 Desmond Fanning13080.5-0.5 Cody Coughlan1562
2 Dovydas Kalvaitis13040.0-1.0 Eamonn Lambden1451
3 Colm Keane11260.0-1.0 Declan Voogt1378
4 Scott Fitzgerald11271.0-0.0 John Lucey1075
5 Conor Stinson10971.0-0.0 James Coughlan748
Limerick B2.5-2.5Dungarvan

Bd Tralee Rating Result Cork B Rating
1 Yunis Barudi19791.0-0.0 Rory Plant1069
2 Oleksandr Zakladnyi17821.0-0.0 Hassan Syed Muhammad909
3 Mirko Kopic14421.0-0.0Eoghan MulcahyN/A
4 Paul Shanahan13671.0-0.0Fionn O'ConnellN/A
5 Michael Wycherley7081.0-0.0Oisin MeadeN/A
Tralee5.0-0.0Cork B

Bd Galway Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1 Alexandru Drimbarean16481.0-0.0 Bogdan Neaga1547
2 Diego Pereiro Rodriguez16461.0-0.0 Lukasz Daros1418
3 Dara Jennings15360.0-1.0 Gerry Casey1295
4 Gourang Jiddewar9240.5-0.5 Niall P. Whelan1245
5 Scott Reilly9560.0-1.0 Roy Marshall1245
Galway2.5-2.5Ennis B

Round 8 Results

Bd Cork B Rating Result Limerick B Rating
1 Rory Plant10690.5-0.5 Desmond Fanning1308
2 Hassan Syed Muhammad9090.0-1.0 Dovydas Kalvaitis1304
3Eoghan MulcahyN/A0.0-1.0 Colm Keane1126
4Fionn O'ConnellN/A0.5-0.5 Scott Fitzgerald1127
5Oisin MeadeN/A0.0-1.0 Conor Stinson1097
Cork B1.0-4.0Limerick B

Bd Ennis B Rating Result Dungarvan Rating
1 Bogdan Neaga15470.0-1.0 Cody Coughlan1562
2 Lukasz Daros14181.0-0.0 Eamonn Lambden1451
3 Gerry Casey12950.0-1.0 Declan Voogt1378
4 Niall P. Whelan12451.0-0.0 John Lucey1075
5 Roy Marshall12451.0-0.0 James Coughlan748
Ennis B3.0-2.0Dungarvan

Bd Galway Rating Result Tralee Rating
1 Alexandru Drimbarean16480.0-1.0 Yunis Barudi1979
2 Diego Pereiro Rodriguez16460.0-1.0 Oleksandr Zakladnyi1782
3 Dara Jennings15360.0-1.0 Mirko Kopic1442
4 Gourang Jiddewar9240.5-0.5 Paul Shanahan1367
5 Scott Reilly9561.0-0.0 Michael Wycherley708

Round 9 Results

Bd Limerick B Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1 Conor Sheehan13130.0-1.0 Bogdan Neaga1547
2 Phillip Foenander12221.0-0.0 John Cassidy1582
3 Colm Keane11261.0-0.0 Lukasz Daros1418
4 Sveinn Geirsson10710.5-0.5 Niall P. Whelan1245
5 Scott Fitzgerald11271.0-0.0 James O'Sullivan1066
Limerick B3.5-1.5Ennis B

Bd Cork B Rating Result Galway Rating
1 Mark R. Watkins14600.0-1.0 Alexandru Drimbarean1648
2 Michael Bradley13650.0-1.0 Diego Pereiro Rodriguez1646
3 Akshay Ranade13120.5-0.5 Gourang Jiddewar924
4 Sumeet Bhattacharjee12361.0-0.0 Scott Reilly956
5Leon VolaricN/A1.0-0.0 Michael Corless860
Cork B2.5-2.5Galway

Bd Dungarvan Rating Result Tralee Rating
1 Cody Coughlan15621.0-0.0 Yunis Barudi1979
2 Eamonn Lambden14510.0-1.0 Oleksandr Zakladnyi1782
3 Declan Voogt13780.5-0.5 Paul Shanahan1367
4 John Lucey10751.0-0.0 Ayman Osman1081
5 James Coughlan7481.0-0.0 Viktoria Angelova650

Round 10 Results

Bd Galway Rating Result Limerick B Rating
1 Alexandru Drimbarean16480.5-0.5 Conor Sheehan1313
2 Diego Pereiro Rodriguez16461.0-0.0 Phillip Foenander1222
3 Gourang Jiddewar9240.5-0.5 Colm Keane1126
4 Scott Reilly9560.0-1.0 Sveinn Geirsson1071
5 Michael Corless8600.0-1.0 Max Gavilovskis979
Galway2.0-3.0Limerick B

Bd Tralee Rating Result Ennis B Rating
1 Yunis Barudi19791.0-0.0 Bogdan Neaga1547
2 Oleksandr Zakladnyi17821.0-0.0 John Cassidy1582
3 Paul Shanahan13670.0-1.0 Lukasz Daros1418
4 Ayman Osman10810.0-1.0 Niall P. Whelan1245
5 Viktoria Angelova6500.0-1.0 James O'Sullivan1066
Tralee2.0-3.0Ennis B

Bd Dungarvan Rating Result Cork B Rating
1 Cody Coughlan15620.5-0.5 Mark R. Watkins1460
2 Eamonn Lambden14510.0-1.0 Michael Bradley1365
3 Declan Voogt13780.0-1.0 Akshay Ranade1312
4 John Lucey10750.5-0.5 Sumeet Bhattacharjee1236
5 James Coughlan7480.0-1.0Leon VolaricN/A
Dungarvan1.0-4.0Cork B

Note: Matches which have only been reported by one team captain are marked with a yellow header.

A red heading indicates that the match has been reported by both captains but there is a mismatch between the reports. Only games which are the same in both reports are listed.

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