Inconclusive Result

Following the Division 1 League Roundup John Alfred (Captain of Adare A) claimed that the result of Division 1 was inconclusive. At John's request I have removed the text of his actual email which I had quoted here so that his claims were accurately represented.

However as John raised questions about the result of the MCUs main competition and circulated his email to others outside the Committee the issues themselves are still addressed here for the benefit of our members.

John claimed that the result of Division 1 was 'inconclusive' because Adare A and Ennis A finished on equal points. He raised three issues about the result:

1. that the tie-break rules to determine the outcome did not apply.

2. that Ennis had played ineligible players under the guest player rule identifying:

  1. Colm Daly - Dublin
  2. Tony Aherne - Westport
  3. Lorcan O'Toole - Galway

3. that some Ennis players were not registered with the ICU in time.

MCU Response ...

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