MCU Response

After a number of emails back and forth the following is my final summary response on these points.


My apologies for one last email on this topic but I would like to clarify the situation one final time.

A) As John acknowledges Division 1 ended in a tie between Adare and Ennis. Section 11 of the Rules reads:


If two or more teams tie for a promotion or relegation place, a tie-break system will be used.

The order of the tie-breaks shall be:

  1. Results of the team�s individual match(es) between the teams.
  2. Board point count, i.e. 5 points for a win on board 1, 4 for a win on board 2, etc.
  3. All walkovers to be discounted (They count as won games for a and b above).
  4. Elimination of the bottom board and start from the top again.

According to these tie break rules Ennis win Division 1.

In previous years where a tie occurred in Division 1 these rules were used to determine the winner, most recently in 2010 I believe, when Ennis won on tie-break from Sarsfield. There is nothing in the text that says these rules are not to be used to determine the winners of Division 1 and there is a precedent for using them.

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