MCU League Division 2 Report 2016

On the face of it Division 2 also looked destined for a peaceful conclusion with Charleville on 4 points from 4 whereas Cork B were on 2.5 having lost a match to Limerick B in earlier rounds. However a convincing win by Cork B in the second last round really opened things up with Charleville being just a half point ahead going into the last round.

The final result went right down to the final game to finish. On board 2 Willie Rea (Charleville) held a slight advantage against Simon Lawrence (Cork B). Roughly speaking Willie had two rooks against rook, bishop and extra pawn for Simon in an ending with several other pawns. If Willie could win then Charleville would be winners but if Simon could hold a draw then Cork B would win.

The position was played right down to two rooks against rook, bishop and pawn before Willie offered a draw. So Cork B won the match 3 - 2 and took the Division 2 title by the narrowest of margains.

The victorious Cork B team of Dave Smith, Tom McGrath, Simon Lawrence (Team Captain), Gerard Condon and Len Hackett. Mark Watkins, Desmond Doran and and Alan White also played for Cork B in earlier rounds.

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