2017 Munster League Division 1 Update

This years Division 1 has Cork A, Adare, CCYMS, Ennis A, Sarsfield, Limerick, Ennis B and Cork B competing for the title and also to avoid relegation. Cork not only won last year's Division 1 but Cork B won Division 2 and gained promotion to Division 1.

Clubs are invited to submit a team to the Munster League controller by the 29th of September at 21:00 for Division 1 and the 15th of October at 21:00 for Division 2. To do so, please email the secretary at The dates for the Munster League 2016/17 are given below. The rounds in 2017 will be confirmed after the EGM on the 01 October 2016. Each day starts at 12pm with the second round in a day starting at 5pm. The Division 1 time control is 1 hour and 30 minutes each with 30 seconds increment from move 1.

The dates for the second half will be finalised after the EGM.

Entry fee is €200 for a team in Division 1 or €100 in Division 2. Please note the League rules are here.

A single round day will occur on the 3rd of December and on the roundup on either the 6th or 7th of May. This is to hold the Munster Rapidplay and Munster Blitz Championships after both of these rounds. More details of these events will be posted prior to round 3 + 4. It will also allow a proper presentation of the trophies to the winning teams.

EGM on 01 October 2016 at the Charleville Park Hotel at 11.15am

An EGM is being called to amend the recent passed AGM motion "That MCU Division 1 League Matches be organised on Saturday instead of Sunday." to "That MCU League Matches be organised on Saturday or Sunday."

The reason for this change is due to the increase in price of venues (€160 (Sunday price) to € 300(Saturday price)). Some venues are completely or partially booked out on Saturdays due to weddings being booked months in advance. I believe that the League matches should be arranged for Saturday or Sunday and this should be at the discretion of the League Controller working within budget and availability constraints.

Reporting Results

This year team captains will report results directly on this website using web forms. To meet FIDE requirements there will be a strictly enforced deadline of 48 hours for submitting results. Team captains may nominate a reporter who can submit the results for their team.

Please submit the email address and phone number of any new team captains as soon as possible so that the email lists and reporting accounts are set up.

Also make sure you have any players you intend to include in your team added to your panel on the website before the match (or by midnight on the night of the match at latest).

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