2017 Munster League Division 2

The original line-up for this years Division 2 was Tralee, Charleville, Limerick B and Dungarvan. St. Michaeld were also interested in joining.

Unfortunately the withdrawal of Ennis B from Division 1 and the substitution of Limerick B reduced the number of teams to four and the schedule was created on that basis. Unfortunately St. Michaels were unable to field a team for the first round and had to withdraw a few days before Round 1.

As a result, to avoid any team travelling a long distance for one match, the Round 1 draw was changed to a double match (home and away) between Dungarvan and Charleville.

The League Controller has decided to postpone the remaining Division 2 matches until after Christmas. It is hoped that a fourth team may be available then.

It is expected that the matches will still be at the same venues and on the same dates as Division 1.

Reporting Results

This year team captains will report results directly on this website using web forms. To meet FIDE requirements there will be a strictly enforced deadline of 48 hours for submitting results. Team captains may nominate a reporter who can submit the results for their team.

Please submit the email address and phone number of any new team captains as soon as possible so that the email lists and reporting accounts are set up.

Also make sure you have any players you intend to include in your team added to your panel on the website before the match (or by midnight on the night of the match at latest).

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