2020 Munster League Division 2 Update

This years Division 2 has Charleville, Cork B, Tralee, Dungarvan and Ennis B competing for the title. It is also likely that Galway will field a team in the Munster Leagues this year. Charleville were relegated from Division 1last season.

The final two rounds of the 2019 / 2020 Division 2 will finally be played on Sunday 23rd October 2022 at the Charleville Park Hotel. Round 9 will start at 12pm with Round 10 starting at 4pm.

The first two rounds of the Munster League Divison 2 will be played on Sunday 24th November. Rounds 3 and 4 will be played on Sunday 15th Decemberber. Each day starts at 12pm for the first match with the second match in a day starting at 4pm. The Division 2 time control is 1 hour and 15 minutes each with 15 seconds increment from move 1.

The provisional dates for the second half are shown in the schedule and will be finalised later.

Reporting Results

This year team captains / reporters will again report results directly on this website using web forms. Team captains are asked to update their results within two days after completion of the matches. Team captains may nominate a reporter who can also submit the results for their team.

Please submit the email address and phone number of any new team captains as soon as possible so that the email lists and reporting accounts are set up.

Also make sure you have any players you intend to include in your team added to your panel on the website before the match (or by midnight on the night of the match at latest).

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