Munster Chess Union Constitution

4.5 Any individual member desirous of placing a motion before the AGM may do so by giving the Secretary a written copy of such notice, together with the names of the proposer and seconder, not less than seven clear days before the date set for the AGM. The Secretary shall distribute written copies of the motion at the AGM. If neither the proposer nor the seconder are present when the motion is reached on the Agenda, then it shall fall without debate.

4.6 On the instruction of the Committee, or at the written request of ten individual members, the Secretary shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting within seven days of such instruction or request, giving fourteen days notice of the meeting as set out in Clause 4.3 above. In the case of a request by individual members, the ten members must represent at least three different affiliated clubs and each club must be represented by at least three members. The instruction or request must contain a motion, with the names of the proposer and seconder, and only that motion shall be discussed at the meeting.

4.7 If the Secretary shall fail to comply with an instruction or request given in accordance with Clause 4.6 above, then (in the case of an instruction from the Committee) any other Officer shall be entitled to give the required notice and (in the case of a request from members where neither the Secretary nor any other Officer has given the required notice) the secretaries of the Clubs shall be entitled to give the required notice.

4.8 The quorum for all general meetings shall be ten members, providing they represent at least four different clubs within the provience. Should a quorum not be present within thirty minutes of the time set for the start of the meeting, then (unless a clear indication has been received by the Secretary that members are en route and will arrive shortly) it shall stand adjourned for seven days, reconvening at the same time and if possible the same place. At this adjourned meeting, any two members of the Committee shall be deemed to form a quorum. The Secretary, or in his or her absence any other Officer, shall immediately after the adjournment give notice in writing to the said Club secretaries of the reconvened meeting.

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